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Twitter in 300 Words


For a long time I was one of these people:

“I have Facebook.  Why would I need Twitter?”

I knew how to send messages, look up funny things, and find bands that I was interested in.  That’s what social media was for, right?  It didn’t really serve any purpose, but it sure was a great way to waste time!  Of course, that was before I understood the “social” part in “social media” and certainly before I had ever heard the term “Web 2.0.”  I could never understand what the big deal about Facebook or Twitter was, or how people ended up with so many friends and followers.  Why would anyone even want that many friends?  Why didn’t anyone care what I ate for breakfast or what my new shoes looked like, but other people were getting hundreds of comments?

Today I take a different approach, and though I wouldn’t consider myself a social media guru, I have finally come to the point where I don’t want to throw a celebration every time I find out someone has added me as a friend or started following my tweets.  The social aspect and the importance of it have become clear to me.  The opportunity to interact with other people is something I’ve learned to appreciate as I’ve learned to do.  I am able to maintain mature personal relationships, relationships that are based on more than “Liking” each and every status update.  I am also becoming more proficient at interacting professionally.  This is a new skill, and it comes slowly.  I have realized that social media is a way to get a message out, and a way to receive the message others are trying to get out.  It is this mutual respect of individuals and their ideas that give social media its value.


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