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The Keys to Success

Writing.  Passion.  Presentation.

These three qualities were stressed by Scott Deitz, Vice President of Fleishman-Hillard, as the most important qualities necessary for success.  Though Deitz was addressing an audience of young Public Relations students, his message can easily be adapted to nearly any profession.  Upon closer inspection, it’s easy to see why he would praise these qualities.

All three have one important theme in common.  Writing, passion, and presentation all relate to our ability to interact with other people.  Writing is a product of our ability to tell stories, and our personal stories are the building blocks of our friendships and relationships with other people.  Our passion for the things we do is evident in how passionate we are in our relationships with other people and in our passion for the memories we make and the stories we tell.  The way that we present ourselves is a reflection of our self-worth, yet another indicator of our passion.

Writing comes first.  Every person has a story to tell, and if you can tell your story you can relate to one another.  Being able to write the story, however, is a special skill.  Anyone who was there and lived the moment with you knows the story and how special it was.  They know all those minor details that made that one moment something special, worth remembering.  But if they weren’t there, our job as storytellers is to make them feel like they were.  To tell the story so vividly that it comes to life and is able to be lived again and again.

This is true for professionals as well.  Your product represents something- an idea, an emotion, a feeling, a concept, a moment, a lifestyle.  Our job as PR professionals is to make sure that your company is reflecting the original inspiration of your product.  The product tells a story of its creation, and we are the medium through which it is told.

Passion.  Passion leads to inspiration.  Nothing great has ever been created by accident.  The passion with which we begin is directly proportional to the quality of the end result.  There is a story behind every passion, and if the passion is strong enough then the story is worth telling.  Our passions define us, and the things we do and create are the product of years of passion.  Passion is enduring.  Our passions take on a life of their own and dare us to pursue them, through any obstacle.  The realization of our passions becomes the very definition of the success we seek.

It all starts with presentation.  A first impression says everything about a person.  The way someone presents themselves discloses their opinion about themselves, and that is more information than any question in an interview could obtain.  If you don’t feel that you’re worth what you’re asking, no one else will feel that way either.  As Deitz continuously reminded us, the way to secure your success is to dress, act, and feel like you belong.  Dress, act, and feel as if you are already a success, and it will surely come to be.

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