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Romney was right on… Sort of

The last few days there’s been a lot of uproar over a leaked tape of Mitt Romney speaking to a crowd in Florida back in May. The controversy surrounds his belief that 47% of voters will almost certainly vote for Obama because 47% of voters don’t pay taxes and thus are unresponsive to Romney’s message of lowering taxes. I believe that Romney’s assumption is correct, but for the wrong reasons.

Obama is also trying to claim that his administration will lower taxes. As it so happens, both candidates are lying, but why would Obama make such a big deal about lowering taxes if that message doesn’t resonate with his voter base?

Romney went on to say that this 47% are “reliant on government and believe they are victims;” that the government has a responsibility to take care of them and provide them with food, shelter, health care, and money. This is obviously untrue; that figure says more about the inherent flaws in our tax code than it does about the attitudes and beliefs of half our country. Although, in Romney’s defense, a large portion of our population does indeed feel that way, and that portion will almost certainly vote for Obama.

But the crux of the controversy comes when Romney says it is not his job as president to worry about those people. One woman’s response to this statement was that it made her ‘sick to her stomach.’ What has people so enraged is that Romney is telling the truth.

As mentioned earlier, 47% of voters do not pay taxes. The number of people who are truly dependent on government for their livelihood and believe it is the responsibility of the government to take care of them is significantly less than this 47%, but the truth is it is not the President’s responsibility to worry about them. The United States has one of the most expensive and extravagant welfare programs on earth, and our system does more than enough to help those in need, as long as they are willing to put the same effort forth.

For those who demand their livelihood from the government, it doesn’t matter who is in office. No matter the amount of welfare and entitlements we dish out, they will never be satisfied. A person can only do so much for another person before they finally have to give up and let them do it for themselves before both persons sink, and this includes the President. For some people, no amount is great enough, and it is irresponsible and impossible to constantly take into account the desires of those who cannot differentiate between want and need, and who always ‘need’ more.


“I Inherited this Mess”

When attempting to make a case for why the public should even consider reelecting a man who has failed to keep nearly every promise he made prior to swindling- I mean, winning- office ( there is one fallback that the President would most certainly not use this time around, although it would actually be the truth.

“We inherited this economic mess.”  (Or one of a million versions of that statement oft repeated)

We’ve heard this line before, of course.  It has been used by Team Obama for four years to explain why his administration can’t seem to do anything with the economy (or anything else).  In fact, this line has been repeated so often the mainstream media has taken it as fact, and seems to have completely forgotten about that pesky little housing bubble that was the catalyst for it all.  No, now it was all George Bush and the GOP that caused the recession.  Never mind that subprime mortgage practices were introduced and encouraged by President Carter’s “Community Reinvestment Act” over 30 years ago (

The Clinton administration and Andrew Cuomo (Director of FHA at the time) only exacerbated this problem (  Weak attempts were made during the Bush administration to reform lending standards as well as Fannie and Freddy, but these were half-hearted attempts at best.

But to rely on actual facts would mean that nothing was inherited from the previous administration, and someone in this administration would have to assume responsibility.  Perhaps the President?  Not a chance. Ms. Clinton?  Not likely.  Maybe the first lady?  It would seem not.  Eric Holder?  Nope.  Nancy Pelosi?  Harry Reid?  Any Democrat in Congress?  No, no, and no.

Lucky for Obama, come November this year, the previous administration will be his own, and then he can accurately blame “the previous administration” all he wants.  It might just be the first time I would take this President at his word.

Leave campaigning to the Republicans

This is from an article published in the UNO Gateway student newspaper, 01-18-12.  The newspaper article was titled “Obama’s strategy in 2012: Anyone but Obama!”

The Gallup daily tracking poll has been tracking the political leanings of U.S. citizens since the 2008 election, and has come up with some interesting results.  Since 2008, the percentage of people who call themselves conservative has increased by 2% while people who call themselves liberal has decreased by 1%.

Within the GOP, voters have reflected this trend almost exactly.  Registered Republicans who consider themselves conservative has grown 3% since 2008, while registered Republicans who call themselves moderate has decreased 3%.  The final totals stand thusly- Republicans who consider themselves conservative make up 68% of the party, while moderates make up only 26% of the party.

On the other hand, Democrats are becoming increasingly out of touch with the values of the general public.  Registered Democrats who call themselves conservative (by democratic standards) have dropped 3%, while those who call themselves liberal has increased by 2%.

This should be the first thing Republican strategists look at in 2012.  Given the state of the economy, fiscal conservatism has become a prerequisite for gaining the nomination, while social conservatism has been placed on the back burner.

This puts Santorum, Huntsman and Perry squarely out of the running, as reflected by their dismal performances in Iowa and New Hampshire.  Of these three, only Huntsman has been able to face reality, finally throwing in the towel Monday morning.  Santorum and Perry are still trudging along under the delusion that they are bringing something new to the table. When in reality they are both merely watered-down versions of Gingrich, the only candidate besides Romney with a full understanding of the multitude and importance of the issues facing the nation today.

They have been trumped by the more fiscally conservative positions of Romney, Gingrich, and Paul.  Of these, Romney remains the most moderate.  So why is it that a moderate like Romney (Moderomney, if you will) is gaining momentum with every passing day?  It’s as if he has channeled the spirit of Secretariat in the GOP race.  The answer is fragmentation.

The base of the GOP is more conservative than Romney, so they vote for more conservative candidates.  Many flock to Newt Gingrich.  Many flock to Ron Paul.  Hardline social conservatives flock to Rick Santorum.  Pigeons flock to the empty lot that, until just a few days ago, housed Huntsman 2012 HQ.  What this means is the base of the GOP has divided its votes amongst the true conservatives, paving the way for Moderomney to win with ease.

Looking ahead to Nov., these numbers indicate for conservatives to pull off a victory, they must nominate someone who espouses the conservative values of the base, or this election cycle will go down in history as “2012: 2008 Part Two.”  In an atmosphere this politically charged, Conservatives have a unique opportunity to present to the American public someone who represents their values, someone who is as conservative as the majority of Americans claim to be.  The current President is as far left as any President has been, and the Democrat party is continuing to move in that direction.  For the GOP to pull out a victory, they must highlight this important difference.  The GOP’s values are shifting in tandem with the public, while Democrats are becoming more radically disengaged from the public.

To avoid living 2008 all over again, Conservatives have to unite behind a Conservative.  Without a true conservative candidate in the race in Nov., the voting block giving the GOP its fire right now will become disillusioned, and the party’s chances of gaining the White House will fizzle.

Republican voters are split, and the current situation benefits only one candidate- President Obama.  The President’s strategy for the rest of the year has already been determined by his contenders- he can just sit back and watch.  “Anyone but Obama” is the most assured way to receive only Obama.

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